The New York Times article on Mayor Bloomberg’s PAC names three personal PACs of billionaires that have been very active in this presidential campaign — George Soros on the left, the Koch brothers on the right, and now Bloomberg in the middle.  The Koch brothers are not Jewish, but they could easily have been replaced on the list by Sheldon Adelson, who is Jewish, and who has been one of the major supporters of conservative Republicans.  So, you have three obscenely rich Jews who are driving this election. 

I don’t know the ancestry of all of them, except that I know Soros was born in Hungary and immigrated to the US.  It looks like from Wikipedia that Bloomberg’s grandparents came to the US from Europe well before World War II.  Adelson, like Bloomberg, was born in Boston; his mother had immigrated from the UK.  So, of the three, only Soros is a post-WW II emigre. 

Of course, the candidates they are are supporting — Obama and Romney — are not Jewish, which shows there may still be some racial barriers for Jews.  Joe Lieberman did not do well when he ran for Vice President.  However, as a black and a Mormon, Obama and Romney do not represent the old, traditional WASP power structure, as George W. Bush did.  Furterhmore, there is lots of gentile money in the political game, fromt he Koch brothers, for example.  Nevertheless, the fact that the New York Times cites

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