The NYT reports that Sen. Schumer said after a White House meeting, “I am currently prepared to vote for his [Hegel’s] confirmation” as Secretary of Defense.  Although the implication is that this says something good about Hegel, to me it says something good about Schumer — that he is not as much of a racist as I thought.  I am pleased that the fact that Hegel used the word “Jew” does not appear to have totally disqualified him to be Defense Secretary. 

The idea that there is not a “Jewish lobby” is ridiculous.  There is a liberal Jewish lobby, J-Street, but it has almost no influence compared to the conservative, militaristic AIPAC, which competes with the NRA to see who is the most powerful lobby in Washington.  Because of its power and visibility, AIPAC speaks for all Jews, even if some Jews may not agree with it. 

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