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Education Failure

I’m disappointed that the education tax proposal, Amendment 66, did not pass yesterday.  It basically means that Colorado has thrown in the towel.  Coloradans have said that China won.  Our kids will work for your Chinese kids when they reach… Read More »Education Failure

NSA Incompetence

Everyone is “shocked, shocked” that the US is spying on its allies.  Of course almost everyone does it, but almost everyone who does it keeps it a secret.  NSA’s failure was not so much spying on Angela Merkel as it… Read More »NSA Incompetence

Shutdown Is Bad

Just for the record, I’m am against a government shutdown.  I basically quit the government by retiring from the Foreign Service after the 1995-6 government shutdown.  I blame the Republicans.  I blamed Newt Gingrich and his Republican followers for the… Read More »Shutdown Is Bad

Syria Did It

The UN report on the use of chemical weapons on Syria seems to pretty clearly link the weapons’ use to Assad’s Syrian government.  The rocket delivery system in particular seems to rule out the rebels.  While it might not clearly… Read More »Syria Did It

Ecofund Did Its Job

While I was Science Counselor at the Amrican Embassy in Warsaw, we worked out a deal whereby Poland would pay part of its debt to the US to an enviornmental fund, Ecofund in English, Ekofundusz in Polish.  Just look around… Read More »Ecofund Did Its Job

No Moral Authority

It seems pretty clear that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, behind their front man Colin Powell, have destroyed the moral authority of the United States by invading Iraq under false pretenses and fake intelligence.  Obama now pays the price… Read More »No Moral Authority