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Paula Deen

I think Paula Deen has gotten a bad deal from the press and social media.  Most of the criticism has been about political correctness, not about something terrible that she has physically done. There are currently two other celebrities —… Read More »Paula Deen

Money in America

I was saddened by two op-eds in the NYT on Friday.  David Brooks said that the only way to measure success in America is money.  Paul Krugman said that technology will mean that fewer and fewer people will have more… Read More »Money in America

What Next for Syria?

It is odd that the administration has sort of anonymously announced that Syria has crossed the “red line” of using chemical weapons.  Nothing new has happened in the last few days, except that Susan Rice and Samantha Power have been… Read More »What Next for Syria?

NSA Spying on Americans

So far the biggest problem with NSA’s collection of meta-data from various American phone companies is that it is spying on Americans.  NSA, Obama, and Congress argue that collecting just the phone numbers, locations, times, etc., in not an infringement… Read More »NSA Spying on Americans

Intelligence Leaks

All the talk about the administration’s investigation of intelligence leaks reminds me of one of my experiences about 20 years ago while I was in the Foreign Service.  I was the chairman of a committee looking at violations of certain… Read More »Intelligence Leaks

IRS Scandal Overblown

On its face, the IRS scandal involving the questioning of 501(c)(4) applications by conservative Tea Party groups looks bad, and it is, but it’s not terrible.  David Brooks makes a good point in his NYT column on the issue, generally critical,… Read More »IRS Scandal Overblown