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Too Much Benghazi

I have had enough of the Republicans’ screaming about Benghazi.  They are overjoyed that Amb. Stevens was killed, and they are dancing on his grave, making political capital with his death.  They, of course, argue that it is the administration… Read More »Too Much Benghazi

Jury Duty

I had to report for jury duty on Monday for the first time in my life.  When I lived in Virginia, lawyers were automatically exempted, at least for part of the time that I lived there, plus I was overseas… Read More »Jury Duty

Hegel Confirmed

Chuck Hegel was confirmed today as Defense Secretary according to the Wall Street Journal.  The article cites Hegel’s positions on Israel and Iran as obstacles to his nomination.  Iran is really a subset of the Israel issue, since Iran is… Read More »Hegel Confirmed