I am disappointed at Howard Kurtz for moving to Fox without maintaining his journalistic integrity.  On Fox’s “MediaBuzz” he slants his reporting to the Fox line, and just in case he doesn’t, he has his pretty, blond minder along side to keep him in line, just like the North Koreans and old Soviets assigned a minder to watch visitors and make sure they didn’t see or say anything that the government didn’t want them to say.  Pravda’s editorial policies are alive and well at Fox, and Howie is towing the line.  He was better at CNN’s “Reliable Sources” than the new guy at CNN, but the new CNN guy, Brian Stelter, has more journalistic integrity now than Kurtz has at Fox; so, his show is better than Kurtz’s.  I hope that Kurtz is getting paid lots of Fox money to disgrace himself.

Now it looks like Maria Bartiromo is going to follow Kurtz down the Fox media hole for money.

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