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Israeli Segregation

It is amazing that Israelis are so tone deaf that they would propose segregating buses, as reported by the New York Times.  Integrating busses was the iconic act of civil rights in the US.  Israelis almost proclaimed to the world that they are racist bigots and proud of it, until someone recognized what a public relations disaster it would be, although the Israelis themselves may have seen no problem with it.   
It goes hand in hand with an earlier story in the Washington Post that the Israelis are refusing entry to black African refugees. The Jews hate America for doing something similar regarding Jewish refugees before World War II, but apparently don’t see any problem in doing the same thing themselves. 

It appears that Jews have no sense of compassion for other races.  Apparently they think they are the chosen people of God, and other races are not.  Therefore, Jews consider themselves superior to everybody else.  They had better hope they are right, but the Holocaust may have thrown some doubt on that hypothesis.  Maybe God is not too happy with them.   

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