I think we should let trials for World War II end.  The ongoing trial for 93-year-old Oskar Groning for serving as a prison guard at Auschwitz is too much, too late.  Apparently the allegations against him are that he collected and stored money taken from Jewish prisoners, not that he had any direct role in their execution.  The trial is being carried out in a German court, but no doubt it is a result of Jewish cries for revenge.  They should let it go.  If they find someone who had a major role in killing people, like Josef Mengele, then that might be worth pursuing, but I think all those key people are now dead.  This trial only serves to remind people like me of the visceral Jewish hatred on which Israel was founded.  Israel would not exist if it were not for the Holocaust.  Israel owes its existence to Adolph Hitler.  That is a tremendous irony, one that casts a pall over the state of Israel.  They need to move on.  Israelis would be well served to do so.  They can of course honor their ancestors who died at in the various Holocaust death camps, but they can do so as other nations honor their war dead.  Americans will not vilify Germans at their Memorial Day commemorations.  I was impressed that memorials at sites in Poland where Poles were executed in various horrible ways always said that the deeds were done by the Nazis, not by the Germans.  About as many Poles died at the hands of the Germans as Jews, about six million, many of them in the same camps, like Auschwitz, but the Poles have moved on.  The Israelis are still enmeshed in unquenchable hatred that does Israel no honor. 

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