As he stated in his Washington Post op-ed, FBI Director Comey was sincere about sending all FBI officers to the Holocaust Museum to see how bureaucracies can run amok.  It alerts FBI officers to the evil that they are helping to stop, and alerts them not to be sucked into the banality of evil, of accepting evil orders unquestioningly. But he unwittingly pointed out the dangers in carelessly accusing innocent parties of complicity in that evil.  He buys into a way of thinking that Jews have encouraged, that anyone living within 100 or 200 miles of anything connected to the Holocaust is tainted and should die or at least go to prison for years and years. 
By this standard, almost all Poles are complicit, and Comey named them as “murderers and accomplices for Germany.”  His doing so elicited a protest from the Polish government, a Jewish columnist (married to the speaker of the Polish parliament), and an apology from American Ambassador Steve Mull.  The Washington Post columnist, Anne Applebaum, wrote that the Germans destroyed the Polish government, and introduced “the power of fear,   the danger of lawlessness and the horror that was made possible by a specific form of German state terror in the years between 1939 and 1945 – a terror that convinced many people to do things that they knew were terribly, terribly wrong.”

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