There is so much talk in financial circles about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates that it has piqued my interest in the role of Jews in the US.  There have been only Jewish chairmen of the Fed since Paul Volker in the Carter administration. Prior to Volker there had been only one Jewish Fed chairman, who held the post at the height of the great depression. 

My concern is that the Jewish dominated Fed has helped Jewish bankers, financiers, and businessmen in a preferential manner.  This may not have been the result of some great scheme or cabal, like that envisioned by Henry Ford, but simply the result of a convergence of interests, formed at dinners, social occasions and business meetings among Jews over the years.  The results of this convergence of interests may not have been illegal insider trading, but they may have disproportionately benefited Jews over other parts of American society. It was a form of insider trading that was too vague and amorphous to be illegal, but one that affected how trillions of dollars were invested.  

Jews have been involved in financial businesses since before America was a country, and they have been active in financial circles since before the founding of the country.  But they did not play the huge role that they do today until after World War II.  The Holocaust drove many wealthy Jews out of Europe to America, where they resumed the financial activities in which they had excelled in Europe.  Today Jews not only play a dominant role in the Fed, but in most financial activities, particularly on Wall Street.  

Most wealthy financiers would not win any prizes for being great humanitarians.  They tend to be greedy, selfish, and often dishonest.  If they don’t break the law, they go right up to the legal limit, and today they pay lobbyists to change the laws to let them do what they want to do.  Most of them leave a lot of their riches to charitable and cultural foundations as they approach death to try to atone for the evil they did in amassing their fortunes.  But that doesn’t make the evil they did while amassing their fortunes any less evil.  The Protestant Rockefellers, Carneigies, Astors, Vanderbilts, Hearsts and their cohorts all fall into this same category, along with many present day Jews and Gentiles.  However, this cohort contains considerably more Jews in the top 1% than their 2% of the population would represent.  Jews represent nearly half of the richest of the rich in America.  

Jews believe they are smarter at doing business and manipulating markets than other people, so that if business and the markets are very complicated, Jews are likely to win and do better than their Gentile competition.  Thus, if interest rates are either very high or very low, Jews are likely to do better.  Many Gentiles would be happy just putting their savings into insured savings accounts and earning some interest, but if interest rates are less than one percent, that is not an option.  When rates are high, you have to be very clever about borrowing, or have money in hand, so that you don’t have to borrow, again favoring many Jews.  Thus, Jews have disproportionately benefitted from the global financial turmoil, and from the complicated financial instruments and transactions that have been developed in recent years.  

NYT article on rich not paying taxes.

As described in an article in The New York Times on Wednesday, tax rates on America’s 400 wealthiest taxpayers fell sharply from the late 1990s through 2012, when their average effective income tax rate fell to 16.7 percent from 26.4 percent.  Of the few names specifically mentioned in the article, most were Jews, including Loeb, Simons, and Soros.

Tax rates rose for wealthy last year

Data released by the I.R.S. on Wednesday shows that tax rates on the income of America’s 400 wealthiest taxpayers rose sharply to 22.9 percent in 2013, erasing a majority of the last two decades’ decline in their effective tax rate, although 22.9% is still less than the old 26.4%.  They are all much lower than the maximum 39.6% tax rate which you would expect the wealthiest people to pay, even accounting for the lower tax rate they would pay on the first few thousand dollars they earn.

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