Trump never should have fired Comey. If I have to choose who I trust more, I would choose Comey.  I think Comey is more honest and honorable than Trump.
I favored Trump because he was a way to throw the rascals out, the old established politicians who favored their supporters, played the inside Washington game, and ignored the old middle class that was being gutted by their policies.  The group that I thought I was voting against was the Democratic establishment, led politically by Jews and gentiles who agreed with the politics of the primarily Jewish establishment, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  The rich Jews had lots of money and could fund the Democratic policies which main benefited blacks, Hispanics, and other recent immigrants.  
Since Jews were relatively recent immigrants they were interested in taking power from the old guard white majority, based on the political base they built on people who were not part of the old guard white majority.  To do this the Jews stirred up enmity between blacks and whites, immigrants and natives.  Because Jews look European, the racial strategy they followed was not apparent to whites or the opposing groups stirred up by the Jews.  
One example of this was ObamaCare.  The ordinary insurance provisions that applied to pre-existing conditions, for example, were approved by the insurance companies and more or less followed statistical insurance models. These provisions brought in several million people, but were insignificant compared to the number of people brought in under Medicaid, which was only funded by the government.  It’s fine to bring in millions of previously uninsured people, but the Medicaid portion was effectively separate from the insurance portion of ObamaCare.  Medicaid was largely unfunded, and for this reason has been hugely popular.  It is a government giveaway, something for nothing.  Rich Chinese lenders who buy US bonds are paying to treat poor blacks in Detroit and poor whites in West Virginia.  Clearly there were a lot of non-Jewish Democrats working on ObamaCare, such as Nancy Pelosi, but by and large they were influenced by the wealthy Jews who dominated the party.  Hillary Clinton was intended to carry on this tradition, a non-Jew implementing Jewish policies.  
Another big issue was the financial crisis of 2008.  Although there were many types of people involved and responsible during the Bush administration, Wall Street is largely a Jewish fiefdom.  Jamie Dimon is probably the most powerful non-Jew, but he was a protege of a typical Jewish banker, Sandy Weill, and clearly fits in well with his Jewish colleagues on Wall Street.  The 2008 Great Recession was set in motion when Jewish Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin persuaded President Bill Clinton to repeal the Glass-Steagall law that kept banks out of the risky businesses whose failure led to the country to the brink of financial collapse.  Jewish Fed chair Bernanke was instrumental in keeping the disaster to a recession, rather than a depression, and Jewish Congressman Barney Frank was instrumental in drafting new legislation to prevent a repeat of the disaster.  
These two issues come together in the problem of income inequality.  We have a financial and political systems that disproportionately benefit the very wealthy, plus the income inequality accentuates the differences between racial groups: Jews and whites at the top with blacks and immigrants at the bottom.  The main victims of this inequality have been the old white middle class, which finds itself moving down the toward the bottom.  There has been relatively little change in the makeup of the top and the bottom, but the difference between them has become greater and greater.  
Clearly Jews are not united on political policies.  Bernie Sanders, a Jew, led the fight against the income inequality created by the Jews on Wall Street.  There are a number of Jews in the Republican Party who have been very influential, but the Jewish Republican leaders tend to focus more on foreign policy than on domestic issues, for example, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, or even Sheldon Adelson.  Their main concern seems to be Israel and how American foreign and defense policy would affect it.  
A similar concern about the Democratic Jews is that they will use their influence to amass enormous fortunes and then will take their money and move on to Israel, or some other country with lower taxes and fewer restrictions than the US.  If this happens a substantial portion of the wealth that used to belong to the old, white middle class will leave the country and be gone forever.  Meanwhile, the remaining Americans will be faced with huge debts created to pay for ObamaCare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and never ending wars in the Middle East, which so far have tended mainly to make Israel more secure.  Osama bin Laden said that one of the reasons for his attack on the World Trade Center was US support for Israel.   

The main point of the preceding is to explain my idea that Trump might be someone who would resist the Jewish powers that be.  This was probably a misperception.  New York is a Jewish town.  Trump is part of a very Jewish business, New York real estate.  He has worked closely with Jews, epitomized by his Jewish son-in-law Jared, whose father was a real estate developer very much like Trump.  In addition one of Trump’s mentors as a young man was Roy Cohn, the lead lawyer for Senator Joe McCarthy’s hearings on un-American activities.  Trump has brought a number of prominent Jews into his administration, notably Wall Street bankers Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary and Gary Cohn as a senior economic adviser.  But you have have to remember that his opponent was Hillary Clinton, who had the strong support of almost the entire Democratic Jewish establishment.  She was the means for the same Jews to dominate Washington as they had in the Obama administration.  David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel might be gone, but other Jews would take their places for Hillary, not to mention the less well known Jewish financiers and political operatives.  

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