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NYT Article Inadvertently Confirms Trump’s Claims

In the article “With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Thories to Erode Trust,” the NYT actually strengthens Trump’s claims and undermines its own credibility.  The article seems to emphasize the difference between a “spy” and an “informant.”  To most people, including me, this is not an important distinction.  In fact most descriptions of Halper’s activities by the liberal press (NYT), claim that he was investigating Russia’s activities (spying on a foreign power), not the Trump campaign (informing on political activities).  Thus, from the liberal viewpoint there is more justification for calling him a spy that from the conservative viewpoint. 
So far, press reports have not made clear what Halper was doing.  There was a big meeting between the administration and Congressional representatives to discuss what he was doing.  The Democrats objected to Trump’s lawyer’s presence.  This objection seems inappropriate to me.  The Democrats seem to be arguing that Trump as a defendant against possible charges of treason has no right to hear the charges against him.  They seem to believe the prosecution process should be some kind of star chamber persecution process which blocks the participation of Trump’s lawyers.  To me, this makes the liberal Democrats look more authoritarian than Trump.  They give credence to Trump’s claim of a “witch hunt,” just as the NYT article justifies his claims of a “spygate.” 
If the liberals was to accuse Trump of bad conduct, they have to behave themselves better than he does.  Labeling this article “news analysis” does not prevent it from being pure tabloid mud-slinging that plays loose with the facts.  

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