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Bolsonaro Trial in Brazil

An email from the Economist magazine reports on Jair Bolsonaro’s trial in Brazil. It says:

Brazil’s supreme electoral court is expected to decide on Thursday whether Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s former president, abused his powers while a candidate for re-election last year. He is accused of misusing a meeting with foreign diplomats to publicly discredit Brazil’s electronic voting system. Judges will also consider evidence that Mr Bolsonaro’s allies had a plan for a military takeover should he lose. In January, supporters rioted and stormed official buildings after his left-wing rival, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, took office.

Mr Bolsonaro denies the allegations but recently admitted that an eight-year ban on running for office looks probable. But even if he is unable to take part in the next elections, he will retain influence. After all, 25% of Brazilians describe themselves as bolsonaristas, according to a recent poll. His wife, Michelle, might run as a candidate and inherit his votes. Tarcísio Freitas, a former minister and current governor of São Paulo, could also be a successor.


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