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  • National Debt Danger

    National Debt Danger

    The Council on Foreign Relations as produced an excellent report on the dangers of America’s growing debt.  It says: The total debt of the U.S. government now stands at just under $35 trillion. That is $103,000 for every person in the United States and is equal to 99 percent of the…

  • State Department Cyber Role

    State Department Cyber Role

    Axios reports that: Cyber diplomacy has been a major priority at the State Department during the Biden administration as nation-state hackers target U.S. critical infrastructure and criminal gangs recruit hackers from across borders. Collaborating with the private sector is a major part of the State Department’s new international cyber strategy,…

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  • US and Israel Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Program

    US and Israel Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Program

    According to Axios: U.S. and Israeli intelligence agenciesare looking into new information about computer modeling byIranian scientists that could be used for research and development of nuclear weapons, two U.S. officials plus one current and one former Israeli official told Axios. Why it matters: The purpose of the modeling is…

  • Swiss-US Science Cooperation Meeting

    Swiss-US Science Cooperation Meeting

    The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States and Switzerland at the first U.S.-Swiss Joint Committee Meeting on Science and Technology. Begin Text: On May 24, 2024, the United States and Switzerland convened in Bern for the inaugural Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on…

  • State Department Reaction to Iran’s Nuclear Program

    State Department Reaction to Iran’s Nuclear Program

    A State Department press briefing said the following about Iran’s nuclear program: The report issued today by the IAEA makes clear that Iran aims to continue expanding its nuclear program in ways that have no credible peaceful purpose.  These planned actions further undermine Iran’s claims to the contrary.  If Iran…

  • Iran Moves Closer to Atomic Bomb

    Iran Moves Closer to Atomic Bomb

    The Washington Post reports that Iran is enlarging and upgrading its uranium enrichment capacity which will make it easier and faster to produce nuclear bomb grade uranium. It says: A major expansion underway inside Iran’s most heavily protected nuclear facility could soon triple the site’s production of enriched uranium and…

  • SDI Is Not Dead

    SDI Is Not Dead

    Aviation Week reports that the Pentagon Missile Defense Agency is taking a fresh look at airborne lasers. It says: Ten years after the demise of the Boeing 747-based chemical laser and four years after the Missile Defense Agency killed another program, the agency again is looking into the possibility of an airborne…

  • Bill Gates Promotes Nuclear Power

    Bill Gates Promotes Nuclear Power

    Last weekend Bill Gates went on several TV shows promoting the new nuclear power plant he is funding. He argued (correctly) that nuclear power is necessary to produce the electric energy that the US needs in a way that will not increase global warming. The first plant of this new…