Chinese Spies at Los Alamos Lab
The following is from an email newsletter from Foreign Policy
Brazilian Economy
The following is from an email newsletter from the Economist
Founding Fathers Feared Pure Democracy
The Founding Fathers were not enthusiastic about pure democracy.  In
Right to Bear Arms Depends on Military Service
The rigfht to bear arms guaranteed in the Second Amendment
Bolsonaro Election in Brazil
The following report is from a Foreign Policy newsletter about
The Fed Begins Quantitative Tightening
Bloomberg reports that the Fed will begin QT, quantitative tightening
We Can’t Stop Global Warming
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change said that the increase
EU Embraces Old Polish EkoFundusz
The old Polish EkoFundusz that I helped start back in
Biden’s Middle East Trip
In the New Yorker, Robin Wright looked at the pros
Kissinger: Don’t Break with China
In Bloomberg, Kissinger warns Biden not to alienate China. “Biden
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