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Don’t Elect Trump

Although I have said that former President Trump should not be put in jail, I think he was a terrible President.  He may have committed crimes, but I think the criminal aspect of his Presidency is less clear than his… Read More »Don’t Elect Trump

Expanding BRICS

Foreign Policy magazine reported on the recent BRICS meeting, which added six new members. It said: This week’s geopolitical headliner is expanding the clique. BRICS—an economic bloc consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—invited six new nations to… Read More »Expanding BRICS

BRICS Meeting

Foreign Policy magazine’s Catherin Osborn reports on the upcoming meeting of the BRICS. Alongside the president of Brazil, the president of Bolivia and a delegation from Argentina are preparing to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa next week for the BRICS… Read More »BRICS Meeting

Haass on Oppenheimer

In his Substack column, Richard Haass discusses the US decision to use the atomic bomb to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He raises some issues I had not considered, such as whether we did it to intimidate the Russians. As someone… Read More »Haass on Oppenheimer