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Good Bank, Bad Bank

I am worried that my previous post may have been too favorable to bankers.  Bankers are not universally loved.  They have a reputation for foreclosing on decent people having a hard time financially, for not lending to anyone except those… Read More »Good Bank, Bad Bank

SVB and Bank Profits

This article in The Economist magazine describes well what happened with Silicon Valley Bank and some other impending bank failures.  It also describes the other side of the banking business, which is getting less attention today.  The lesson of SVB… Read More »SVB and Bank Profits

Money Is Still Free

Money is still free Real interest rates are still negative, they are way below the rate of inflation.  The last Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation reading in August was about 8.3%. The current Fed funds rate is about 2.5%.  The… Read More »Money Is Still Free