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A white phosphorus shell exploding

A white phosphorous shell exploding as a marking round for another artillery battery shooting in "defensive targets" for the night at LZ Sally.


Our battery mortar

At LZ Sharon, we had no American infantry support. Instead we had a quad-50 machine gun crew. A quad 50 is four 50 caliber machine guns mounted on the back of truck. The battery got a mortrar to shoot illumination rounds for the quad-50 crew to watch the perimeter. I ended up being the person primarily responsible for firing the mortar, perhaps because I was used to figuring up data for the artillery and could adjust the mortar fire pretty much in my head. We did not fire often, but we did occasionally. When we did, we would have to clear a whole grid square (a square kilometer) with the political clearance people to make sure that what we saw was not some friendly South Vietnamese blundering around where they should not be.


An airstrike near Fire Base Barbara Placerat facer possim

An airstrike by an F-4 Phantom on a mountain top next door to the mountain that Fire Base Barbara was on. Fire Base Barbara was in northern South Vietnam, west of Quang Tri, near the Laotian border.


Airstrike on neighboring mountaintop

An airstrike by an F-4 Phantom on the mountain next to FB Barbara.


Airstrike again

Another photo of the F-4 airstrike. .

FB Barbara ARVN headquarters

Firebase Barbara ARVN Headquarters

Because of Vietnamization toward the end of the war, our artillery battery was defended by South Vietnamese infantry. However, we had two American air defense artillery 40 mm dusters for our own protection.

View of Barbara

A View of Firebase Barbara

This was our mountaintop.

Barbara road 1

This was the road between Barbara and highway QL-1

The road was frequently mined but we had a safe trip. Our M-577 mobile command post is in the center of the photo.

Some of our fire direction section on the road

We went in our section's M--577 mobile command post.

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