EU Embraces Old Polish EkoFundusz
The old Polish EkoFundusz that I helped start back in
Biden’s Middle East Trip
In the New Yorker, Robin Wright looked at the pros
Kissinger: Don’t Break with China
In Bloomberg, Kissinger warns Biden not to alienate China. “Biden
Private Equity, the Fed, and the Economy
This Economist article details the underlying problems of private equity in the
The Fed and the Economy
The Federal Reserve has been playing fast and loose with
Iran and the IAEA
According to the Foreign Policy magazine Morning Brief: The board
Putin Says Ukraine Can Join EU
Putin said he has no objection to Ukraine's joining the EU. 
Nuclear Power Plants in Wars
In an article in the Economist magazine, Ukrainian history professor Serhii
Putin and Proliferation
Putin's invasion of Ukraine will weaken the non-proliferation regime
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